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Representative of FRP product: Tyfo® Fibrwrap® Systems

PT. Fyfe Fibrwrap Indonesia is part of the global network of Fyfe Co, which is part of the Aegion Group. As part of the Fyfe Co network, Fyfe Fibrwrap Indonesia specializes in structural, industrial and bridge reinforcement.

Using the Tyfo® Fibrwrap® System, Fyfe Fibrwrap has made structural improvements over more than 2 decades of use. At Fibrwrap, the best quality materials, competent Engineers, and an effective Project Team come together to always provide efficient and innovative structural reinforcement solutions.


Always being the best in the field of structural reinforcement and protection systems using FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer).


  • Providing the best solutions and growing to be a leader in the field of FRP reinforcement.
  • Provide the best product, design & installation guarantee for customer satisfaction in the FRP field.
  • Become a reliable and trusted partner in the field of structural reinforcement.

Quality policy

PT. Fyfe Fibrwrap Indonesia is a Construction Engineering Supply company that guarantees the best material quality, design & service, to achieve customer satisfaction, continuously following technological developments and applicable regulations.



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Provide cutting-edge solutions to structural problems

PT. Fyfe Fibrwrap Indonesia is fully committed to developing and providing cutting-edge for all structural problems. We provide innovative construction products to meet the needs of consultants, engineers, contractors, and owners in the most efficient and economical way. In addition, We are also determined to maintain a long-term professional relationship with our customers through the latest solutions and continuous innovation.


Each of our products can be a solution to infrastructure problems

Tyfo® Fibrwrap® Systems are composites consisting of a unique combination of fibers and special resins. This product is our superior product which consists of a combination of carbon, glass, and aramid fiber with epoxy resin which produces Fire Reinforced Polymer (FRP) with high strength. With high performance, Tyfo® Fibrwrap® Systems provide clients with more options to suit the needs of each individual project.


Meet the best team to build your custom project

With full commitment, we work together to provide the best in the field of structural repair and reinforcement. Our team provides full service for retrofitting solutions with engineering design and application quality assurance supported by product research of Tyfo® Fibrwrap® Systems. Together, we work by prioritizing the needs of each individual project and the various options for the client.

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We have worked on various infrastructure strengthening projects. With Fyfe Indonesia products, various challenges have been well overcome.

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