PT. Fyfe Fibrwrap Indonesia's 11th Anniversary Celebration

PT. Fyfe Fibrwrap Indonesia (FFI) has been running and growing for more than 1 decade. On May 13, 2022, FFI celebrated its 11th birthday. To celebrate 11 years of FFI's journey, all employees of the company and GCAL Group held a series of events throughout the week.

Series of Events for FFI's 11th Anniversary Celebration

Eleven years is not a short journey. FFI has gone through many changes, experiences, and work up to this point. Therefore, to commemorate the 11th anniversary, all members of PT. Fyfe Fibrwrap Indonesia celebrates with various activities.

In commemoration of its 11th anniversary, FFI organized a series of sports activities, competitions, and cutting the cone. The series of birthday events started on Monday (9/5) and ended on Friday (13/5) as the highlight of the event. All of these activities aim to increase togetherness and intimacy between employees and as a form of gratitude for the achievements that have been achieved so far. 

The series of events at the FFI 11th Anniversary celebration began with ping pong activities on Monday (9/5) and continued with sports activities and badminton competitions on Tuesday (10/5) and Wednesday (11/5). All competition participants who are employees of FFI and GCAL Group companies continue the alarm ball, uno block, and carom ball competition on the following day, Thursday (12/5). During these 4 days, all participants enlivened the birthday celebration activities together.

FFI 11th Anniversary Peak Event

A series of activities on FFI's 11th Anniversary were closed on Friday (13/5), coinciding with the founding day of FFI. The activities carried out that day were divided into two sessions, namely the morning session and the afternoon session.

The series of activities at the peak of the 11th FFI Anniversary began with eating noodles and the final of the uno block competition in the morning. The entire match was attended with great fanfare by the employees of FFI and GCAL Group together. After the ishoma break, the activities in the afternoon were opened by the MC of the event and immediately followed by safety induction by HSE. 

To officially open the event, all participants of the event then sang Indonesia Raya together and continued with the reading of the opening prayer. Only after that, Mr. Budi Susianto as President Director of PT. Fyfe Fibrwrap Indonesia gave his speech. 

The peak event was followed by lunch together and chatting with all employees. Almost at the end of the event, the Director and Stakeholders of PT. Fyfe Fibrwrap Indonesia cut the cone as a thanksgiving for the development of FFI for 11 years. A series of events to commemorate FFI's birthday which had begun a few days earlier was then closed with the distribution of prizes, a closing prayer, and halal bihalal for all employees of the company and GCAL Group.

A series of activities in the week of the 11th anniversary of Fyfe Fibrwrap Indonesia is actually a celebration of all the experiences that FFI has gone through. The celebration that has been carried out is not only a thanksgiving, but also a prayer so that FFI's future journey will be smoother and FFI can develop better.

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