Tyfo® WEB



Tyfo® WEB composite consists of a Tyfo® S Epoxy and Tyfo® WEB reinforcement fabric. Tyfo® WEB is a specially woven, 0°/90° bidirectional glass cloth, while Tyfo® S Epoxy is a two-component epoxy matrix. 

Tyfo® WEB Fabric is combined with Tyfo® S Epoxy to produce a lightweight, environmentally curing wet-layup composite. The Tyfo® WEB system can be used as a reinforced coating for impact protection, a waterproof membrane, and as a reinforced coating application for added durability.

  • ICC-ES ESR-2103 registered product
  • Membran kedap air untuk perbaikan kebocoran
  • Proven to have long-term performance and durability
  • Has excellent wet-layup and handling properties
  • 100% solids, solvent free epoxy matrix
  • Low viscosity



Structure Fatigue in Building
Change of Building Function due to Additional Load
Environmental Factors (Chloride and Sulfate)
Decrease in The Quality of Concrete and Reinforcing Steel
Latest Seismic Earthquake Evaluation/Adjustment

We have worked on various infrastructure strengthening projects. With Fyfe Indonesia products, various challenges have been well overcome.

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